What to bring

Children will need the following items for their day in care.

*A clearly named bag

*A complete change of clothes (plus additional sets if toilet training)

*Spare underwear and socks

*Nappies (if required) - 6 for a full day

*Bottles of milk or formula (if required). Please ensure you provide sufficient milk/formula for the full day.

*A warm jacket and hat (for cold weather).


Please ensure all items are clearly named.


Please note that children are not required to bring a lunchbox or drink bottle.

Children should be discouraged from bringing toys from home, as the loss or breakage of such items is potentially distressing. No responsibility will be accepted for the loss or damage of toys.


Children should wear comfortable clothing which allows them to freely participate in active play. Children will also engage in messy play, so older play clothes are more appropriate than good clothes.


Footwear must be safe and practical for active play (runners, boots or shoes/sandals that cover the toes). Thongs or open-toe sandals are not suitable.


To protect children from sun damage, clothing should cover the shoulders. Singlets, sleeveless dresses etc are not to be worn.


We strongly believe in providing children with opportunities for outdoor play during all weather conditions. Please ensure that the clothing you provide for your child is suitable for the season (eg, warm clothing to protect your child from cold during winter).