Arrival and departure

It is a legal requirement that children are signed in and out of care each day by a parent or authorised person.


The sign in/out books are located in the foyer.


Upon arrival, please;

*Sign In your child

*Take your child to their room, and let educators know you have arrived.

*Pass on any information that is relevent to your child's care to educators.

*Place milk bottles (if required) in the refrigerator of your child's room and ensure they are labelled with name and date.

*Follow your usual separation routine. Try to avoid a second separation - if something is forgotten it is advisable to leave it at reception.


Read more about separation anxiety and child care


Upon departure, please;

*Sign Out your child.

*Let educators know that you are collecting your child, and discuss your child's day

*Ensure you have collected all your child's belongings (bag, clothing etc)

*Check the Curriculum Folder and family information board for details of the daily program, and add comments and feedback if you wish



Please notify the centre in writing if another person will be collecting your child. Children will only be released to parents and authorised persons identified on the enrollment form. Identification may be required.


Where custodial and/or access arrangements are in place, the enrolling/custodial parent needs to discuss this with the Centre Manager and provide copies of relevent documentation.


Please note that your child must be collected by 6pm. If an emergency, where you will be unable to collect your child by this time, please call the centre as soon as possible so staffing arrangements can be made.

A late fee will be charged when a child is collected after this time. The current late fee is $10 for each ten minutes, or part thereof.