Outdoor Curriculum

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At DMP, we believe that quality outdoor play experiences are essential for the learning and development of each child. Each child has a right to play in an outdoor learning environment which nutures creativity and curiosity, and fosters care and respect for living things.


Since the extensive redevelopment of our playground in 2011, children have daily access to a broad range of natural elements. Plants, trees, sands, rocks, water and edible gardens enable children to explore and connect with nature. Our children plant, care for, harvest and EAT the produce in our vegetable garden, and are involved in every stage of the 'paddock to plate' process. Sustainability is embedded within our outdoor curriculum, with children caring for worms in our worm farm, using tank water to water our garden beds, composting kitchen waste, and recycling.


We believe physical activity has many benefits for young children, and provide children with a daily balance of active and passive outdoor play opportunities. As a 'Move Well Eat Well' affiliated centre, we support children to 'Move, Play and Go' and are committed to providing 'daily child-initiated and adult-guided active play, consistent with the National Physical Activity Recommendations for Children 0-5 years'.


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