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DMP is committed to providing daily opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity.


Through our affiliation with the Move Well Eat Well program, we aim to support children in making healthy food choices, participate in frequent active play, and lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.


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We supply an age-appropriate, nutritionally balanced cooked meal for lunch, prepared by our chef Michael. We also supply morning and afternoon tea, and support milk and water as the best drink choices for children.


As we supply all meals and snacks, it not necessary to provide a lunchbox for your child. 


As water is constantly available both indoors and outdoors, drink bottles are also not required.


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Every effort is made to cater for individual medical or cultural dietary requirements  by providing,  for example, gluten-free, dairy-free or culturally appropriate alternatives. Families are encouraged to consult with staff to ensure children's specific dietary requirements are met.


We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all children in our care. We endeavour to maintain an egg and nut-free centre in order to minimise risk to those children with anaphylaxis. We request that no egg or nut products, or products with 'trace warnings', are brought into the centre.  


We support and encourage breastfeeding mothers to continue feeding their child whilst in care. We provide a comfortable seating area for feeding, and our educators will work with you to develop a feeding plan and make the transition into care as stress-free as possible.